Data protection

Protection of personal data of patients and site visitors is one of the most important goals of our employees workign at Dermtest. We handle personal Data under strict rules and according to Data protection regulations as well as this privacy policy.

Using this site is possible in general without entering of personal data. At some places where personal data (e.g. E-mail addresses or contact details) is collected, it is done voluntarily and in a very limited scope. We do not forward this data to any other party without your written consent.

Please be advised, that the transfer of data (e.g. via E-mails) can have security risks and therefore we cannot guarantee absolute protection against third parties accessing those types of data.

Using Google Analytics

This site is using Google Analytics to analyse and improve its performance. Google Analytics is a product offered by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.

Google Analytics uses so called "Cookies". These are textfiles, which are safed for your computer and which allow to analyse your visits to our site. Cookies include information about your usage of the site and this information is generally transfered and saved to a server located in the USA belonging to Google.

When using IP-anonymisation on this site, the IP-address is going to be shorted and altered within the EU before transfering to a datacenter in the US. Only in very special cases full IP-addresses are sent and stored in the Google servers located in the US. The owner of this site has contracted Google to use this information to create statistics and reports about the usage of the site and other services. Google Analytics does not link the collected IP-addresses to other services provided by Google.

You are able to disable cookies using the preferences of your internet browser. However - you might not be able to use all functionality of the site if you disable the cookies. You could also disable the usage of Google Analytics while enabling the usage of cookies for other site functionalities. To disable Google Analytics you can install the Browser pugin via this link:

You can also deactivate the usage of Google Analytics by clicking on this link: Deactivate Google Analytics

Inquiries, Deleting and Blocking

You can, at any time, request information about stored personal data, its origin, recipients and prupose of storing that data. You also have a right to correct, delete or block this information about you. If you have any additional questions about this topic, please contact us via the contact page.


This site makes use of cookies to improve the user experience on this site. Cookies do not harm your computer and they do not contain any viruses. Cookies make using our site and services more user-friendly, effective and save. Cookies are small textfiles, which are stored on your computer.

Most of our cookies are so called "Session-Cookies". These cookies are automatically deleted after you visit our site.Other cookies will be stored on your computer until you delete them yourself. These cookies allow us to recognise you when you visit our site the next time.

You can configure your browser to inform you when cookies are used and allow only certain cookies to be stored. When you disable the use of cookies completely it might affect the way you use our site.


The provider of this site does store some information automatically in so called Server-Log files. This information is automatically sent to us by your browser. This information includes:

  • Browser type and version
  • Operation system
  • Referred URL
  • Hostname of the client
  • Date and time of the requst

This data is not connected to specific persons. We do not connect this information with other data sources. We sometimes use this data to check our systems to identify problems or misuse of our system.

Contact forms

If you use contact forms to send us information, this data and the contact data provided will be sent and stored in our servers, where it will be processed accordingly. We will not forward this data to any third party without your consent.