For Physicians

What is Dermtest, how does it work and how to join.

Telemedicine, which connects general practitioners and dermatologist

Dermtest connects primary healthcare with specialized dermoscopists to improve the access to quality birthmark check-ups.

Our software gives doctors at the primary healthcare level (general practitioners, health-centers, local hospitals) the possibility to provide fast and reliable birthmark checkups. Using our solution they can send high quality dermatoscopic images together with the patient background to remote specialists to assess. Dermest's mission is to improve detection of early stage melanoma and decrease the number of deaths caused by melanoma in Estonia, Europe and the world.

Dermtest's impact on healthcare

  • Better access to quality healthcare
  • Better access for rural areas
  • Increase in early detection
  • Decrease the total cost for treating late stage melanoma
  • 5x more effective use of dermatologist's time
  • Increased melanoma awareness
  • Effective and paid work for providers and dermatologists


  • 4000 checked moles in Estonia
  • > 1400 moles being observed
  • >30 early stage melanomas detected

Dermoscopy is the most effective way to detect early stage melanoma

Teledermoscopy creates a very efficient way to detect skin cancer in its early stages. It is also an effective way to monitor risk group patients.

Dermoscopy is a diagnostic method, which allows to see morphological changes in the structure of the skin, which are not visible for the naked eye. Especially for early stage melanoma it is crucial to identify minimal changes in the layers below the skin. The use of teledermoscopy allows to increase the diagnostic precision in differentiating between malignant and benign tumors as well ass early stage melanoma and normal changes in the pigment cells. Compared to normal screening methods, dermoscopy increases early stage detection by 25% and improves the diagnostics of melanoma. It's also proven to be an effective method to avoid unnecessary excisions of moles.

The European Association of Dermatologists endorses the use of dermoscopy as a diagnostic method for early detection of melanoma. The Canadian Guidelines for dermatologists suggests using dermoscopy to improve the screening process and avoid unnecessary excisions.