How it works

Description of a typical Dermtest visit

Doing a Dermtest is simple and quick

It takes 15-20 minutes on average for a physician or nurse to perform a Dermtest procedure (depending on the number of moles being checked).

~20 min
10-15 min
Taking anamnesis and making dermatoscopic images
5 min
Finalize visit and notify patient

Performing a Dermtest procedure, includes taking anamnesis, making dermatoscopic images, sending the data to the specialist and reporting back to the patient. Results come in one day and Dermtest automatically creates a report designed to be given to the patient containing all the necessary information for further treatment and care.

All the steps listed below don't have to be completed immediately and physicians can choose to implement their own workflow to fit their daily procedures.


Create a new visit for the patient and fill the anamnesis.
Make dermascopic images of the moles being checked.
Upload images to the Dermtest system and send the data to the dermatology clinic of your choice.
Receive the answers by the specialist and make the follow up actions based on that.