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Take medical photos intuitively

Doctors and nurses can take medical photos quickly and easily with the Dermtest App.

The process in three steps:
1. Patient-QR Code or ID is scanned with the Dermtest App
2. Photos are taken and localization plus clinical information is recorded
3. The photos together with the documentation are uploaded to Dermtest's image management system or the medical facility's system

Broad functionality

Once the photos are in the photo management system, they can be easily found, compared with each other or sent to colleagues in teleconsultations. Dermtest's well-tested user experience and simple operability ensure a high quality of the medical photos and their clinical relevance. Dermtest can be integrated into existing electronical health records or work as a standalone software. All photos are stored safely by Dermtest.

Established in Estonia's e-health

Dermtest's costumers include the biggest public hospital in Estonia. Dermtest was developed by doctors, nurses and digital health experts of the Estonian digital society. Since its foundation in 2013 it is currently used by 55 large and small health care providers, parts of its service are reimbursed by the Estonian public health insurance and it is used for the treatment of around 4000 patients per month.

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Dermtest uses Estonian digital society framework for top security and encryption.
We use government software for authentication and eID support for EU sign-ups.
Dermtest has been evaluated for privacy by German ePrivacy certification agency.