Dermtest is the easiest way to provide online consultations remotely based on photos sent by the patient

No more photos lost in image galleries, social media, e-mail. Find them all in one place!

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Become an online consultation doctor in seconds

No more hassle with cumbersome video conferencing tools. With Dermtest you can become a high-quality digital telehealth service provider in just a few minutes. Patient consultations on phone can be now supported with medical photos from patients.

Simple process:

1. Patients receive a secure link to upload photos of skin.
2. All the images are viewable in your home-screen.
3. Consultations can be provided by phone-call or video conference.

Patient can use any device

Patients can use whatever device to make and upload images.
Photo quality is secured with validated guidelines to make telemedicine online consultations clinically relevant. Images are sent with a secure patient code for higher confidentiality. 

Powered by Estonian e-health infrastructure

Dermtest has been built by doctors, nurses and digital health experts from Estonian digital society. Dermtest started in 2013 and is used by 55 health care providers and enables care for 4000 patients every month.

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Dermtest uses Estonian digital society framework for top security and encryption.
We use government software for authentication and eID support for EU sign-ups.
Dermtest has been evaluated for privacy by German ePrivacy certification agency.