Best way to reduce melanoma mortality is early detection and on-time treatment

Fast skin cancer and skin disease diagnostics brought to local general practitioners.

Teledermoscopy increasing quality

An image of a skin lesion is taken with a special camera (dermatoscope) and sent via Dermtest software platform to a dermatologist for remote evaluation. Dermatoscopic imaging is an acknowledged method in skin-cancer diagnostics, because it enables to see even the smallest changes in the skin tissue. Dermoscopy increases evaluation sensitivity by 30%.

Remote diagnostics from experienced specialists in your country

The evaluations of dermatoscopical images are made by experienced dermatologists and dermato-oncologists in your country. The average time from imaging to diagnosis is 9 hours.

Personalized reports and follow-up plan

Dermtest generates a personalized follow-up plan, which can be provided to patients. The dermatologist's image evaluation is topped up with AI-generated risk-score and prevention tips.

Over 150
clinicians using Dermtest daily
Up to 7000
cases evaluated
Over 100 cases
of early skin-cancers detected

Dermtest is locally accessible to more than 1.5 million people in 3 countries