The key for reducing melanoma mortality is early detection

Dermtest enables a fast skin-cancer detection service at your local general practitioner.

Teledermoscopy to detect early

An image is taken of a problematic mole with a special camera (dermatoscope) and sent via Dermtest software to a dermatologist for remote evaluation. Dermatoscopic imaging is an acknowledged method in skin-cancer diagnostics, because it allows to see even the smallest changes in the skin tissue, which could point to melanoma.

Secure remote diagnostics from experienced specialists in your country

The evaluation of dermatoscopical images are made by experienced dermatologists and dermato-oncologists in your country, who are experts in dermatoscopic skin evaluation.

Personal reports and follow-up

Dermoscopy image evaluation results in a follow-up plan provided to patients. 

Over 150
clinicians using Dermtest
Over 6000
checked nevi
Over 100 cases
of early skin-cancer detected

Dermtest is used by over 20 clinics in 3 different countries